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    Pokemon Soulsilver Problem

    I have a problem i cant seem to find an adequate ROM neither EMU for pokemon soulsilver, played on NO$GBA emulator it worked fine untill the ROM crashed, my problem is that always either the EMU or the ROM crashes, freezes or black screen, tough i fixed the black screen with the cheat code, so what i would like is help, does anyone know sites where can i download working rom + emu and play it, i love the game i played it i made to the ecruteak city on DESMUME and the game failed literally the emu crashed completely and it didnt work after that at all and no NO$GBA all of the ROM's crashed eventually or froze so i stopped playing the game and im searching for help to find the sites where can i download the working emulator and rom ty in advance to all for helping or atleast checking the thread
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