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Haha i deleted the save already this was my best playthrough ever i got a pitchu from the Odd Egg and catched a male shiny slowpoke within a couple of hours :D
I hope something like this happens in the future on the final version of this hack
Id go crazy if id get a shiny steelix :D

There will be no physical/special and i think the pokemon learn the same moves they could in gen 3 games

Is Dunsparce available in this hack or it will be when you add trainers special events from phone card i believe that in crystal you can get this pokemon if Hiker Anthony calls you and tells that they appeared inside Dark Cave or something like that
And can you check if a npc inside Dark Cave gives you the DarkGlasses i think there was a bug in a older version i played some time ago he would not give me this item idk if it works ok now
Also will you add different sounds after Oak rates your pokedex like in Crystal?
Finally, since you changed how those pokemon evolve maybe you will want to change this guys dialogue

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