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Originally Posted by Galoria View Post
Well, it was a long dream! I dreamed about Riolu. And before that dream, Lucario wanted me to be a "Gardian" or something like that, to protect people. After that long dream, I was in a daycare, with Lucario. When Lucario gone, I was so sad...
And then, I dealt with baby Pokémon in the daycare, it was so cuuute! I loved to take care of Pichu and Riolu. But one day, the daycare was attacked by someone, that Lucario wanted to defeat. All baby Pokémon were gone or died...The old breeders too.
And now, that Riolu looked at me, and he wanted me to take care of him. I will done it with it here, because it's too long '°'

I'm not a great fan of combat Pokémon too, but Lucario is one of my favorite in this type!

Some type about the event? I can't help about that D:
But I can tell you what ideas do I have.

Avishka, you can take a second egg darling!
Thats a pretty cool dream! I think the coolest dream about pokemon was me riding the back of a dragonite over a city.

Well, anyway what type of ideas do you have for the events? Maybe we can have one that directly involves our partner?