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Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
That... is a point of view I really, really can't agree with one bit. Or even understand quite honestly. The second you branch out in music a bit you'll find that some of it becomes explicit because the artists don't have to care about being acceptable on the wider scale and can say whatever they want to, more or less. Plus you're almost eliminating gigantic areas of music, entire genres, by saying that if it's explicit it's, uh, crappy. As well as your definition of 'crappy' meaning very little since no one person is qualified to say what music is objectively good or objectively bad. It sounds like you just don't like offensive content.
I did say "to me" and "my experience" and that not ALL songs containing explicit lyrics are bad. It's because, well, in my experience most music I've heard with explicit lyrics has been music I haven't liked because I though they were bad so I tend to be suspicious of anything marked with explicit lyrics.

But you know, what the heck. I'll argue that one can be at least somewhat objective (although, of course, not definitive) in calling some music bad based on the quality of the lyrics as written. For example, there is an infamous song called "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette which everyone makes fun of because in the song she gives examples of things that are not actually ironic (merely unfortunate), and which show that she didn't demonstrate through the lyrics a clear understanding of irony. In this song you've got a good case if you argue the lyrics aren't good.

Now, speaking about explicit lyrics specifically, I'd argue that many explicit words are simply not very poetic, that is, they don't evoke imagery as much as they fill in the space. It's often the difference between showing versus telling. ("I clenched my fists and screamed." vs "I was ****ing angry.") Generally, showing is seen as the better option to create imagery, as well as make your writing interesting.

All of this if unrelated, for instance, to a person's enjoyment of the music or the quality of the singing of the lyrics. I'm sure Adele could sing the phone book and it would sound really good, but it would be because of her voice and singing talent and not what she was singing. It might well be a very enjoyable song, but compared to someone of equal talent singing similar song with more poetic lyrics it would be hard to say the phone book song was just as good. Obviously cursing and phone books aren't the same thing, but you get what I'm trying to say. (I hope you do anyway.)
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