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Originally Posted by ShadowExcadrill View Post
to make it official, im gonna fill in this breeding form
btw this is for Iloveeevee

Breeding Form
Username: ShadowExcadrill
Pokemon: Porygon
Nickname (if want one): Ian Hecox (we all know why )
Gender: male
Nature: modest
Ability: download
IVs: Flawless, if possible
Shiny: nope
Egg Moves: -
Hatch Location: doesnt matter for me
Other: other???
I'll get on this soon.
Originally Posted by IWearHatsIndoors View Post
Heya, I'm interested in Iloveeevee's lvl 57 Bisharp/TheGr8's lvl 1 Pawniward if they are shiny
Urm I don't have much to offer though. I got the Pokerus today but I'm not sure whether that actually counts... is there anything you might be after?
I'll list some of the stuff I have anyway...
UK Event Keldeo-lvl 15 UT
Shiny Flygon-lvl 100
Shiny Umbreon-lvl 60-ish (This is kind of my baby so I don't really want to risk him in any way, is there a way of getting like a clone or anything if I want to keep him?)

Sorry if I've done anything wrong, and I hope you get back to me
Thanks for reading
Yes my Bisharp is shiny and I can clone whatever Pokemon we agree on to trade and I can trade the original right back to you. Can i have more info on the IVs/EVs of the Pokemon please?
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