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    Originally Posted by -Lapras-
    And going by the appearance of the soul king Aizen got closer to God status than we thought.
    Dem eyes...

    Manga 519

    Overall, I liked this chapter.
    Some elaboration info and tie-ins to previous stuff.

    A good amount of humor too.
    Byakuya floating in the water made me laugh so much.
    Ichigo and Rukia's butts in the same panel, oh dear...
    Beats and peaches, what a great snack! XD

    So Kirinji's healing technique is some special hot spring water, hmm.
    It's interesting at the least; those Japanese sure love hot springs.
    But I wonder what his Kido based techniques are like.
    I also wonder if the hot spring was what Kiriji was referring to earlier, with Unohana.

    We get a tease at what the Spirit King looks like...
    He has black/dark hair, and weird eyes. *shrug*

    Oh yeah, dat title page!