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    Have you guys ever had a dream about pokemon? Like something that was maybe vivid, weird, random, or it just stuck out etc.? I know me and my freind had this disscusion before. Try to remember and retell what happend in your dream of choice.


    I dont know exactly where I was. But i do know we were in some kind of feild. A dragonite was standing next to me. It was awe-inspiring how cool and in great detail I saw him. Then with a forearm he motioned me to hop on his back. I did, and like that we took off and in seconds we were high up into the sky, I could literaly touch the clouds. The dragonite turns his head back at me and smiles, then sets off over the city skys. Clutching my arms around its neck I gaze down at the earth below and see all the streets and buildings looks sooo tiny.....

    And thats it . Yea Thats all I remember but it was awesomely cool imo. Cant wait to see what you guys post.
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