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    I named my character Rene (my irl name) as weird as it is XD

    I kept my Rivals default name (Hugh) since I think it fits him, and he's a really cool guy :D

    As for my Pokemon Team (I play White 2):

    Serperior (Ivy) - Yeah totally an original name XD.
    Weezing (Gassy) - A Tribute to one of my favorite 'creatures' on youtube.
    Wailmer - No nickname because he was given to me in a trade. :3
    Gigalith (Adamantium) - Yet another tribute to a movie I love. (X-Men)

    I still plan on getting an Axew and a Litwick on my team. Don't know what I'll nickname them yet, but that's all I've got


    So sleepy...