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Yuri sighed. "We left our trainers somewhere... For all we know, they could have went somewhere else. I shouldn't have left them..." She frowned. "But anyway, we sure would love your help!" She sighed again. I'm starting to sound like Rosemary... I hope she's okay... she thought nervously.

Lumina frowned and walked away from the Heracross, mad about being ignored. "Mean mister!" she huffed. Molly sighed and rolled her eyes. She looked around nervously. I hope that Primrose doesn't get lost too... I need to find Holly.

Primrose ran around the forest anxiously, looking around. [I]"If I don'tf fine Rosemary, Yuri will kill me! If looks could kill, then I'd be dead already," she muttered. The Pichu frowned when she heard crying. She walked into the bushes, hoping to see Rosemary.

Holly paced around. "Where are Molly and Lumina? I hope Lumina didn't get hurt..." She looked up at Kayla nervously. "Maybe we should go look for them." Kayla shook her head. "No way! I'm never going back there!" Holly ignored her and grabbed her wrist. "Come on," she said, pulling Kayla along with her. Kayla glared at the girl. "For someone so small, you sure are strong." Holly ignored the comment.
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