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    This club is so quiet, my username is gonna be all over page 800!

    Anyways, small update! Got Landorus and the Oval Charm today so I can begin my search for Snover! Tomorrow however I have the long task of hatching 120 Charmander eggs, bringing my total number of Charmanders up to 164, which is pretty good considering I started Monday I believe. Wish me luck that one is gold! :3
    Also did about 30 Village Bridge encounters for Marill, but ended up running off to hatch Charmanders again... Ah well, I'll get motivated soon, I do really want that yellow aquatic bunny, but RE isn't my usual method of shiny hunting so I'm still not sure what I think. I still like SR best I think, got 4 shinies that way so far!

    One last thing also, just to get some conversation going maybe! Out of interest, what's everyone stance on evolving shinies? Such as, how do you decide if you want to evolve a shiny, or do you never/always evolve shinies and why? For me, it depends on 2 things: First, whether the evolved form has a better or equally good shiny sprite and second, what I'm using it for. I evolved my Lucario, Meganium and Typhlosion by using them throughout the game, where as Drifblim was evolved due to simply liking Drifblim a little more than Drifloon, and they have the same shiny colours.
    As for not evolving them, I'm not evolving Charmander when I get it because just personally I like golden fire lizard more than black fire dragon, and Bidoof and Zigzagoon are going to be evolved one day, I'm guilty of being lazy!

    With that, good luck everyone else on your hunts! I hope to see a whole bunch of shinies appear soon, I'll send out as many buckets of luck as I can but I don't have many D:
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