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Originally Posted by Reese Cake View Post
Turboblaze, here you is:
Gift Pokemon
Favorite Non-Legendary Pokemon
Pokemon who can learn your favorite move
Delibird (I already checked, you can catch these in White 2)
Ugly pokemon (up to your descrition)
Least favorite non-legendary pokemon
Thanks! My team will be:
Gift Pokemon: Sawsbuck (Obtain as Deerling from weather place)
Favorite Non-Legendary: Typhlosion (Trade as Cyndaquil from Black)
Favorite Move: Starmie with Thunderbolt (Trade as Staryu from Black 2)
Delibird: Do I need to say it...
Ugly: Stunfisk
Least Favorite: Garbador (The last two could easily be swapped but I don't know which one I hate more)
Black 2: Pokedex-67/649 ~ Medals-31/255 ~ Trainer Card-Blue

White 2: Pokedex-65/649 ~ Medals-27/255 ~Trainer Card: Blue