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Originally Posted by Banjora Marxvile View Post
So, all you were doing was editing the Wild Pokemon Data in a map and you move map and the error comes up? Tried contacting Lu-Ho, the creator of the program? He may be able to give more help about what the issue could be, because from what you've said, this shouldn't be happening. Go through each step that you did.
I already sent him an email 2 days ago. Just waiting for a reply. I can only assume he's VERY busy for obvious reasons. I just really hope this is an easy fix... I put alot of effort into making this edit. Not just in the rearanging but I was already doing concept art for the poses of the Pokemon and the new Gym Leaders/Trainers/E4/Champion/Team. And I can't abandon the project because that would let my brother-in-law down and I don't that...
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