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Looks like you're pretty good with those pixels! Hiya Pizzey & welcome (back) to PC~!

Cute forumset you have there, unfortunately, I never used Minccino, oh well. Even tho you've joined for quite a while now but practically, you're still new. Why not browse PC a bit more to get acquainted with things here.

I see you've found the pixel-related sub-boards. So, I'm not gonna direct you to that place anymore. Oh, you're playing Green? Haha, that's a wee bit too old-school for me. I like the DS games more.

Well, have fun spriting! Feel free to hit me up for a chat, the staff members are right around the corner in case there's trouble, so don't hesitate to report anything you find wrong or suspicious' to them. It's Mid btw, short for my name.

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