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Hey Pizzey :3! That-that Mincinno has got to be the most adorable thing I've ever seen <3. In my entire lifetime. It gets my non-existent official approval stamp. *stamp* <3. It's nice to see you've returned to PC, we're forgiving if you go on a hiatus, since sometimes things in life just get in the way or you forget about certain things! But then again it's better late than never. So welcome back <333.

So you like Pixel Art n_n? I haven't got the patience and talent to do it, so you're a talented and awesome one for being able to do it so well x). I'd like to see your works sometime n_n. But as everyone else said we have a wonderful section dedicated to Pixel Art, it's definitely worth browsing around!

I don't really play the older games ;_;, ugh looking at Green's Pokemon sprites. Most of them were...interesting to be polite :/. But yeah I'm not too keen on playing Green, although it'd be cool to give Crystal a shot x). But good luck with Pokemon Green, enjoy it alright <3?

You can call me Rainbow by the way :3. Feel free to chat anytime of any day, of any year <3! I won't bite, I promise c:. Enjoy your stay at PC alright? If you need help just contact a staff member and they'll help you out in the snap of a finger. See you around :3!
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