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Originally Posted by skywolf View Post
Hi everyone im skywolf i hope to have a awsome time here i never heard of pokécommunity before my friend said i should join so here i am
Hello Skywolf, and welcome!

I like your username, I happen to be a fan of hybrid-looking usernames. I'm Hikari and it's nice to meet ya. Suicune fan I see? You happen to be like Eusine in some way, he's that character who wants to follow Suicune everywhere.

Nice to see you got referred here, I love it when someone recruits a new user here. Any parts of PC do you have an interest in? We're a big forum, so you might get lost but there lots of stuff to do here, whether it'd be talking about the Pokemon games/anime/manga/TCG, playing some trivia games, joining some clubs, or just plain chatting with your fellow members. I started out posting in the Pokemon boards when I was new but that has since branched out into some off-topic areas too.

Have fun, and read the rules if you haven't cos I don't want you getting into trouble. Also, if you ever need a fun user to talk to, I'm always open! Just send me a VM.

- Hikari10
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