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Originally Posted by Pizzey View Post
Hey there! Apprently I made an account way back in '10 but I never posted xD

Anywho, I'm new here (obviously). I tend to sprite more than play Pokemon, though recently I've been playing untranslated Green version just to see how well I can do c:

So yeah, hi!
Hello Pizzey, love your username!

Even though your account is two years old we might still consider you new for now. I love that Minccino avatar and sig of yours, such a cute and adorable Pokemon, one of my fave Normal-types too btw. Some members do go on unexpected hiatuses and then return years later, but nice to have you here.

A pixel artist I see? I'm not the best of spriters, but I do have a knack for finding pics for signatures that I eventually use here. Don't let my unusual choices of sigs fool ya, it's just my personal attitude. But I definitely recommend you pop by the Pixel Art forum (its moderator happens to be Cirno's PC Pair!) where you can show off your work.

I don't play the older games, given I started late with the games. I'm a 5th Gen enthusiast mainly, and I happen to be an Oshawott Fangirl. His cuteness in the anime caused me to fall for him. Good luck with Green btw (which I never got to experience) and I hope you can experience the later games too. See you around, and call me Hikari.

- Hikari10
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