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.. my current battle team. I've got a versatile mix up (not fine-tuned to my preferred Pokemon team), that worked out.. kind of. I currently have 5 Pokemon that I am trying to get some effective EV training on. I'll list below what my current team consists of, their levels, stats, and all other related traits.

What I'm trying to get advice on, is where to go / what to fight to get the most effective build for my current group. Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Power Hitter / Lead: PALKIA
Level: 70 Nature: Impish
HP: 220
ATK: 230 Slash: Normal
DEF: 174 Earth Power: Ground
Sp.ATK: 220 Dragon Claw: Dragon
Sp.DEF: 180 Spacial Rend: Dragon
SPD: 170

Purpose: Effectively kill / defeat stuff. No EV Training on this Pokemon.

EV Growth 1: Fire-Type: INFERNAPE
Level: 55 Nature: Naive
HP: 158
ATK: 130 Cut: Normal
DEF: 107 Rock Smash: Fight
Sp.ATK: 148 Calm Mind: Psychic (Will be changing)
Sp.DEF: 88 Flame Wheel: Fire
SPD: 158

Purpose: All around Power House, with a good bit of HP. EV Training: STR, Sp.ATK, HP.

EV Growth 2: Flying-Type: STARAPTOR
Level: 35
HP: 116
ATK: 101
DEF: 71
Sp.ATK: 57
Sp.DEF: 44
SPD: 78

Purpose: Super fast Sweeper type. Unsure of what EVs needed for such a build. P.S. Not going to keep putting Nature and Movesets in. Too tedious. Lol.

EV Growth 3: Electric-Type: PIKACHU
Level: 39 (Is using Exp. Share Item)
HP: 88
ATK: 74
DEF: 33
Sp.ATK: 58
Sp.DEF: 40
SPD: 87

Purpose: Fast Special Ability Heavy Hitter. EV Training, I believe, would be Sp.ATK and SPD.

EV Growth 4: Water- Dragon-Type: GYARADOS
Level: 36
HP: 118
ATK: 100
DEF: 67
Sp.ATK: 56
Sp.DEF: 85
SPD: 67

Purpose: Heavy Duty Tank. EV Training, I believe, would be HP and DEF.

EV Growth 5: Rock- Ground-Type: ONIX
Level: 35
HP: 78
ATK: 52
DEF: 114
Sp.ATK: 32
Sp.DEF: 44
SPD: 70

Purpose: Secondary Power House Hitter. Assumed EV Training: ATK, HP, Sp.ATK.

Plans for next Growth Batch:

MACHAMP - Fighter-Type
ALAKAZAM - Psychic-Type
LUXRAY - Electric-Type
PACHIRISU - Electric-Type
PONYTA - Fire-Type
EEVEE - Evolution Training, EV Training, and Multiple Type breeding. (Will need help with DITTO usage to accomplish.)

More will come after this stated group is finished up.

I intend to give PIKACHU a Thunderstone after he reaches roughly Level 50, to evolve him in to RAICHU.

What I'm trying to get help on here, is where to go, and what to fight to try and get the desired Team Role for each Pokemon. I would like to join the WiFi competitive Battling, but I don't know squat about EV Building.

I've intentionally excluded EV building for any of my Legendary Pokemon, because I know they are not permitted in certain events, and are mostly just for a story element to their respective games.

As an aside: I also intend to do some work in the Battle Tower, so any suggestions in regards to that would also be greatly appreciated.

Again, I thank any and all for any advice, suggestions, or help that they can offer.

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