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...y'know, what if GF made an alternate game about this happening? That'd be p awesome and might get people into Unova again if it flowed on from B/W instead of B2W2, and then lead into Hoenn because Ghetsis' control was spreading there and B2W2 was just a ~dream~ OKAY too far, lol, that's off-topic anyway :(

Originally Posted by Gym Leader Rozu View Post
Confusing... I think Ghetsis would try and steal the pokemon even if you did lose. But you have to remember Cynthia and the elite four are powerful. No matter what, Cynthia would align the Sinnoh elite. Ghetsis is ahead of himself. C'mon, EIGHT freak-en powerful guys and gals start battling a pesky old man who romanticizes about Zangoose in a red bikini and high heeled boots!
I don't think Sinnoh would really help, given there's a lot of Plasma members and they were pretty motivated.

Originally Posted by Rainbow Arcanine View Post
If Ghetsis won against Hilbert and Hilda, I'm taking a guess he would become the ruler of Unova, enforcing all sorts of strange laws and unfair rules. There would probably be angry protests and those who did were jailed or killed :/. Sounds grim, but Ghetsis was an evil man with huge ambitious plans so I'm imagining for disobeying him along with Team Plasma results in some horrible punishments.

The Seven Sages would probably replace the gym leaders, banishing them from Unova forever. For the last gym leader, it'd probably be his son, N or one of his trusted members.
Killed probs not but rather just forced to become a part of Team Plasma, enforcing that everyone follows the ~law~.

Nope no leaders, but rather they'd be E7 + N. Ghetsis would already control the world and he'd want to be strongest in the highest place of all.

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
If anyone of those two won then...
We wouldn't have a B2/W2.
Originally Posted by Pingouin7 View Post
Yes we would, it would just be different from what we have right now.
Yeah it'd probably be even better of a storyline lmao but closer to B/W for the most part. Damn it'd be awesome.

Originally Posted by glitchguy View Post
If Ghetsis won then he would probably have power to rule all over Unova saying he beat both heroes.He would then establish a law stating that nobody except him and Team Plasma are allowed to own pokemon.The people at first will try to refuse but eventually will release their pokemon valuing their life more.Of course the Gym leaders become useless without their pokemon.Ghetsis then would start catching all the legendaries he could find,already having stolen Hilbert/Hilda and N's Legendary Dragons making him more powerful.With all of Unova under his power and fear he would start planning to capture other regions...and eventually total world domination.
Nah I don't think he'd let Plasma own Pokemon, but rather only him. He's not really fair and he'd convince Plasma to stay with him if they want Pokemon in the future, helping him increase the amount of recruits he would have.

Originally Posted by DeLaMuerte View Post
I find it funny, though, that I lost to Ghetsis the first time, and instead of going off to rule the world, he stayed in the same place, and I was actually able to come back and try to win again. We all know that this is because they [the developers] wanted the players to be able to have a second chance, but it still seems moderately interesting to me. :P
Perhaps he was thinking about what he was going to do having all the power in da world! n_n

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