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    Haha CourageHound, our discussion has awake you a new cute idea! xD

    Well, to answer your thread, yes, dreamed about Riolu and Lucario and all baby Pokémon. Here was our discussion between him and me, with my dream
    Well, it was a long dream! I dreamed about Riolu. And before that dream, Lucario wanted me to be a "Gardian" or something like that, to protect people. After that long dream, I was in a daycare, with Lucario. When Lucario gone, I was so sad...
    And then, I dealt with baby Pokémon in the daycare, it was so cuuute! I loved to take care of Pichu and Riolu. But one day, the daycare was attacked by someone, that Lucario wanted to defeat. All baby Pokémon were gone or died...The old breeders too.
    And now, that Riolu looked at me, and he wanted me to take care of him.
    I will continue this story if you want to learn it D:

    Well..After that Riolu wanted me to seek Lucario. To train us to be Guardians as Lucario. I looked around, i
    f there were survivors, or if they hide themself. But no. Nothing around. No corpses. So I thought that our ennemy or ennemies, bring them to their hiding place or something.
    And then I walk with my partner, pathway, by pathway. Until we saw a village in flams. We run both to there to see what happens. And there was Lucario, fighting ghosts or something like that, I don't know what was is it! D:
    I don't think that you will read it, but I will tell you the end quickyl.
    We saved the village, and Lucario trained us to have a hope to defeat the ennemy or our ennemis that they destroyed the daycare.
    Voilà voilà!

    Quel était votre rêve?
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