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(My apologies for being away for a while - I have been quite busy with things and hadn't had enough time to sit down to read all of your posts and to write my own post. Well, I'm back now! I'll try my very best to keep up.)

Yuki, after keeping her Pokeball, followed behind the hyperactive Kiki and the other Pokemon. She tried keeping up with the girl, but she was already too far ahead for her to easily catch up. Yuki also felt quite tired after all that commotion, so she slowed down and walked back to her friends in her own time. Suddenly, she remembered Andy and quickened her pace.

She finally arrived back at Raikou dorm and to her friends and their Pokemon. “O-oh…I'm so sorry guys…for holding all of you up…and making you worry...” Yuki apologized, “I-I…just needed some time…to rest up from…all that running just now…”

She sat down gently on the bed next to Andy and turned to face her now-awake friend. “…Um…how are you, Andy? It seems that…your headache’s gone… Uh…is…is there anything I can do…?” Yuki looked at Andy with concern in her light-blue eyes.
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