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    @ Lilizuki - The developer originally only wanted three players, but thought that wouldn't be very fun, so he added two wild cards for an additional two players. If he let those five people choose from the same list, it wouldn't be that interesting, so he made it so that after the first one to save Prof. Birch from the wild Pokemon picks his/her starter, that Pokeball disappears from the bag and so forth. Pretty much it >.<

    @ Sarah - Alright, things seem to be good there :> Accepted I can't wait to see how Sarah will behave inside the game with all those monsters around :D

    Wildcard Roulette:

    @ Rune Alchemist - D'aww, Ariel~ The way you described her makes me want to meet her in person ;w; She seems so...cuddly. Anyway, I liked how you RP'd Ariel there I'd love to see how her D.I.D affects her gameplay. Which, by the way, means you're accepted with Treecko!

    So that leaves us with Mudkip and Torchic~ If Lilizuki wants Torchic, and since Chuuritsu's reservation has expired, she can have Torchic I'll PM Chuuritsu about his reservation. So, that leaves with only 1 more open spot. I'll make an OOC thread right away so we can officially get this party started

    EDIT: By the way guys, how do you feel about money in the RP? I plan to put it in to make it more game-like, but I'm afraid it would too much to handle.

    Attention players!

    So we don't waste too much time on the prologue, please ready a post (or several small ones) for the prologue. For a guide:

    Prologue: Let’s get this adventure started
    Tasks needed to accomplish:
    - Meet game “mom” and learn about “dad.” Also, find out about Pokemon from her.
    - Explore Littleroot Town. You can’t travel outside town until you’ve met your rival. If you try, your body uncontrollably walk back. Game script >.>
    - Go to neighbor’s house. Meet rival.
    - Go outside and see Prof. Birch, being attacked by a Pokemon. Get starter and battle Pokemon. Oh yeah, and if you try to back out from helping the Prof., you’re body uncontrollably walks back to the Prof.
    - After defeating, you follow the Prof. back to the Lab, where he gives you your Pokemon officially, a PokeDex and 5 Pokeballs.

    You are free to do whatever you want as long as you accomplish these tasks. I want to see how your characters react to the fact that you are now in the game world. After doing so, you can proceed to Chapter 1 and really start your adventure. And don’t worry~ You don’t have to accomplish all of these in one bulky post. You can post several small posts. As long as you accomplish all of them before proceeding. You arrive here during different times, have different houses and moms, but eerily have the same dad. You also have different rivals. Unlike in the game, your rival is not Birch’s daughter.

    And about the whole "Sorry to keep you waiting," scene, your character has gone through that, but remembers it only as a dream or whatever. Long story short: time skip, yup.

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