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    Originally Posted by Yoshikkko View Post
    There's a reason those animals are extinct. Dodos? They're extinct because they are stupid. What's the point in cloning that? Instead of wanting to revive extinct species, they should invest money in trying to prevent more species from going extinct like polar bears and whales. Jesus what a waste of money.

    I think it will. Also, no we wouldn't have 3 of every person? Why would they even do that? Besides, you can't clone personality. They would only look the same.

    Well first off, I want to reply to the first post you made. Dodos are stupid? What kind of reason is that to keep them from resurrection? Dogs & Cats are stupid too. Also, how is it a waste of money? I imagine the whole Cloning thing and the Extinction Prevention Squad are two completely different organizations which have a completely different budget/salary. It shouldn't be a waste of money either way.

    ...and in reply to the quote:

    The whole "3 of every person" thing is an exaggeration to show that with Cloning material, we could genetically reproduce an identical copy of ourselves. Now who out there WOULDN'T agree to doing that? Maybe it won't be public, and maybe it won't be serious.

    Also who said anything about cloning personalities? I never implied that, I just implied that there was going to be an abundance of our species if we ever got a hold of that technology in the PUBLIC. Then it becomes an issue.


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