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    The orange glow of the setting sun started to fade away as dusk approached, signaling the transition of the sky from day to night. As he sat there, Randy looked on as a few of the other people there recalled their pokemon and began to leave the park for the evening. Most of his own pokemon were relaxing under a nearby tree where they could get some rest before heading off. The only exception was Spook, Randy's Gengar, who was now happily floating around above his head instead of lazing around under the bench where he sat. Spook playfully engaged his trainer by floating this way and that, shapeshifting itself into different shadows and making funny faces at him. Randy enjoyed the antics because he knew Spook's personality really came alive during the night.

    "You are one goofy ghost," laughed Randy as he pulled out his pokegear to check the time before leaving. "We should start on our way to Ecruteak now since the tribute starts in a couple hours."

    The lamp lights within the park began to ignite as he got up from the bench and walked over to the tree where the rest of his pokemon were. Despite their various sizes, they were comfortably huddled up together at the base of the tree. In the middle of the group was Pyro, the youngest of the team. The little Pansear lay there sleeping peacefully, a little worn out from playing with the other pokemon.

    "Hey guys we're gonna head for Ecruteak now, so I need all of you to return to your pokeballs so we can get going," said Randy in a low voice as he carefully picked up his Pansear from off the ground and held it in his arms. Pyro was giving off a steady pulse of warmth as he slept.

    As Randy returned the sleeping pokemon to its pokeball, the others cried out and followed suit. Randy attached the pokeballs to his belt and turned to Spook, who normally opted to travel outside of its pokeball. It was now literally playing with fire as it floated around juggling two fireballs.

    "C'mon Spook, it's time to go. And be careful not to burn yourself with those," said Randy as he walked toward the exit of National Park.

    "Har! Gengar!" laughed Spook. It then proceeded to eat the ghostly blue fireballs, and let out a belch of smoke afterward. A sneaky grin could be seen on its face as it followed along behind Randy.

    Together they left the park and went on to Route 36, just south of Ecruteak. Randy found the quietness of the area to be a bit unnerving, and he kept his guard in case any wild pokemon tried to attack. As they neared the city, Randy stopped for a moment.

    "Did you hear that? Sounds like something is nearby, get ready for a battle Spook," said Randy, looking up into the trees. The rustling of the leaves and branches seemed to get closer and closer. Just when it seemed like they were on the verge of being attacked, two Hoothoot popped out.

    "Hooooot, hooooot," cried the two owl pokemon as they watch Randy and Gengar pass through. In typical Hoothoot fashion, they each stood on one leg and tilted their heads off to one side. Their large eyes blinked in a non-threatening way as they looked down from the trees.

    "Ah it was only a couple of Hoothoot," sighed Randy, relieved that he and his pokemon weren't under attack. "It sounded like something much bigger, good thing we're almost to Ecruteak. See?"

    He nodded his head off in the distance, where the edge of the city could be seen just beyond the treeline of Route 36. Not wanting to take chances, Randy continued on the main path and avoided walking underneath the trees surrounding them. With each step he continued on towards the city, with Spook floating close behind.


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