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    Derek Affe

    Derek had been heading towards Ectruteak City for a while now with his two companions, Steam, his Torkoal, and Kirlia who had not yet named. He was on Route 37 which was the route below Ecruteak, he was almost there. The Ecruteak Dance Studio had an event that you could go to support Suicune, one of the three legendary "dogs" in Johto. There had been posters almost everywhere he went, all saying -

    Come to the Ecruteak Dance Theatre! Hosting Suicune support ceremony soon!

    Suicune was the legendary guarding of water, and it had recently disappeared, vanish, poof! When that event had occurred, the waters of Johto had become polluted and whenever wild Pokemon battled you they had this strange look in their eye and there attacks were stronger than normal. Derek had recently encountered a crazy Sentret near Goldenrold City and it was trying to bite off Derek's ear, it was freaky.

    "Guys, look!" he said to his Pokemon as he saw the sad remains of the Burned Tower looming above them, high in the sky. "We've arrived at Ecruteak!"

    The happy cries of Torkoal and Kirlia filled his ears and he slowly stepped into Ecruteak City.


    As he entered the centre of Ecruteak, the sound of a beautiful violin came to his ears. He followed the sound until he found a girl a few years older playing the violin beautifully. And it really was beautiful.

    "Wow ... You're an awesome violinist!" he gasped in amazement. "Isn't it the tribute song to Ho-Ho and the Legendary Pokemon?"

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