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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
It's not just my experience I'm basing my views on, but that of practically everyone I've ever heard speak about this topic. Please excuse my attempt to use an illustrative example. I wasn't attempting to invalidate your friendship, however much it disagrees with what I know. I'd rather not fight about this.
Yeah I understand because it might not be the opinion anyone'd expect. I totally understand why gay people would be offended/insulted by that term too however way it was used. Maybe it's different here because most of the people I know actually don't mind as much, but here homosexuality is something the majority is very open and relaxed about so maybe that's it. At any rate, I wasn't trying to fight or anything but I did want to defend myself and him too. He is the only one I ever use that term freely with anyway because you can never be sure with other people and it is also not my intention to offend anyone. Having no different opinions would be boring!
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