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Originally Posted by PiemanFiddy View Post
Well I guess dodos are irrelevant at this point then. Since everyone is getting hyped up about Polar Bear extinction and Other wildlife, then they may as well focus on that.

You say there won't be an abudance of our species because... we won't be adults when we're cloned? We'll be babies? What exactly determines the age of the result of a cloned experiment? I'd like a little more clarification on that.

...and saying it takes as much effort is just ridiculous. How can you say something like a cloning device would take the SAME effort as someone who's pregnant? You think it's just going to sit in that tank for 8 months before it's finished? I don't know about that. We have the technology to speed up growth like that.

Yeah so what I said initially.

"We won't be adults when we're cloned?" I'm sorry but this is the most dense question I've ever heard. Are you actually trying to argue that a clone does not have to be born? I think you've watched too many movies. How do you think it would go? You think if I would be cloned, there would just be an identical double of me that is me in age, experience, emotions and so on? NO NO NO. I don't think you understand the realistic concept of cloning. A clone in the real world will never be more than just a replica of someone else's genes. A clone is not a robot, it would still be a human being that has to be born. Yes it would be born in a lab, and as it would be growing up it would look exactly the same as the person it was cloned from. Cloning does not mean to just duplicate another creature, that only happens in movies.
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