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    "Wow, you must feel honored to play at such a big occasion" He said smiling.

    He smiled at the Vaporeon that was rubbing against his leg.

    "Wow, you have some really cool Pokemon, hey guys get over here!" He yelled and his Pokemon came running to him.

    "This is Big Spiral, he was my starter Pokemon, I has him since he was a little Poliwag. That's Chews, my newest team member. Over here is Slicer, I found him as a Kabuto fossil and lastly this is Big Pinch, he was the first pokemon I had caught myself."He said displaying his pokemon.

    As she started playing her song he returned his Pokemon.

    He saw as another person came walking up to her also and he as well complimented her Violin skills.
    Team Fail in Stocking Stuffer Challenge

    I will update it every time the team changes.


    All three are females
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