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Originally Posted by PiemanFiddy View Post
It doesn't have to have a personality. That's completely irrelevant to the point I'm trying to make, and if it was, I would like a clear explanation as to why a clone wouldn't have that attribute. If it uses my same genetic code and everything, then I really just don't see what's wrong with it.

I never said a clone would be a robot or a lifeless being either. I'm just saying that if our technology is advanced enough to the point where we can successfully clone a human being, then we should be able to speed up the growth process. It shouldn't take 8 months to grow another one of 'me' if it uses a different scientific method thing. It's all up to them really.

As for not being an adult, yeah I guess that makes more sense now. I don't see why it would be impossible though. Once again, if it uses my same genetic code, it could very easily grow to the same height and proportionate body size within the allotted time of 'completion'.

But I suppose... or I GUESS it doesn't work that way. I guess I HAVE been watching too many movies... despite me never seeing a movie about human/animal cloning before. -_-
We are not magicians. It is still science. No matter how far technology and science will have advanced, the laws of nature will ALWAYS apply and they will put a limit to what we can do. Your genes is your body. It will have a completely different personality and mind. Body and mind are separated and you cannot possibly clone that. We can barely speed up the growth process of plants without them being genetically deformed/mutated/modified to the extreme - how would that work with a human being? Not to mention it would get cancer everywhere, it just isn't a realistic idea at all. Also, it will HAVE to have a personality, it can't not have one, or do you just expect a half-dead lump of flesh?

And yes obviously it would be exactly the same as you physically once it would have grown to that age, but it will obviously not right off the bat be that? You just don't seem to understand the basic concept and the limitations to that or realize that science abides the laws of nature. Anyway this has almost nothing to do with the topic anymore so I'm gonna drop it.
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