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    -Beat Janine
    -Beat Brock
    -Beat Blaine
    -Beat Blue
    -Beat the Elite Four 3 Times
    -Got bored so I Rare Candied all my Pokemon and took on Red

    -Lily vs. Pikachu: Charm (fail), Sludge Bomb (Pikachu poisoned), Thunder (miss), Sludge Bomb, Pikachu fainted.
    -Seer vs. Venusaur: Fly (1), Solarbeam (1), Fly (2), Solarbeam (2), Peck, Solarbeam (1), Fly (1), Solarbeam (2) (miss), Fly (2), Venasaur fainted.
    -Lily vs. Blastoise: Whirlpool, Petal Dance, Rain Dance, Petal Dance, Blizzard, Petal Dance, Blastoise fainted.
    -Riptide vs. Charizard: Wing Attack, Surf, OHKO Charizard fainted!
    -Thyme vs. Espeon: Psychic, PoisonPowder, Psychic, Thyme fainted.
    -Seer vs. Espeon: Psychic, Fly (1), Psychic (miss), Fly (2), Max Revive > Thyme, Psychic, Xatu fainted.
    -Thyme vs. Espeon: Psychic, Body Slam, Espeon fainted.
    -Thyme vs. Snorlax: PoisonPowder, Amnesia, Body Slam, Body Slam (Thyme paralyzed), Max Revive > Seer, Body Slam, Thyme fainted.
    -Seer vs. Snorlax: Future Sight, Body Slam, Fly (1), Body Slam (miss), Fly (2), Body Slam, Seer fainted.
    -Riptide vs. Snorlax: Surf, Snorlax fainted.

    Final Team:

    Thyme (Meganium) Lv. 62 (Miracle Seed)
    Body Slam, PoisonPowder, Razor Leaf, Synthesis

    Riptide (Politoed) Lv. 63
    Surf, Hypnosis, Ice Punch, Body Slam

    Lily (Bellossum) Lv. 62 (Bitter Berry)
    Petal Dance, Sludge Bomb, Moonlight, Sleep Powder

    Seer (Xatu) Lv. 61
    Peck, Future Sight, Night Shade, Fly

    HM Slave: Paras (Cut, Flash), Pinsir (Cut, Strength), Chinchou (Flash, Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall)

    Completed Challenges:
    Ultimate Monotype Challenge: Dark (Gens I-V), Ghost (Gens I-V), Dragon (Gens I-IV)
    One-in-Each Challenge (Gens I-V): Dragonite - Hitmonchan - Gardevoir - Blissey - Beartic
    Ultimate Monocolor Challenge: Green (Gens I-V)
    Nuzlocke Challenge: Red | Pokédex Challenge: Red, Gold
    Ultimate Time Warp Challenge: Medieval Era (Gens I-V)
    Current Challenges:
    Eevee Ultimate Solo Challenge: 8/8 -
    16/16 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8
    Flying Ultimate Monotype Challenge:
    8/8 - 4/16 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8 - 0/8
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