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    Nemo "Ace" Dannan
    The Cafeteria

    Nemo's azure eyebrow rose high on her forehead, as she watched the young man attempt to pull the one hundred pound, four foot tall creature into his lap. Even if Cassie didn't have a strange demeanor, the attempt would have made her laugh; Absol did not appreciate being manhandled any more than any other cat. As Ty's hands attempted to lift Cassie towards him, the ivory feline let out a small growl from between black lips and swatted them away with the back of her paw.

    She shot a glare of her crimson at the groomer and instead padded around the table, sitting beside Ty and turning her back to allow him to groom her fur; on her terms only. With that issue resolved, Nemo decides to continue the conversation. "Do you train, or just groom?" The teen asked, as she popped another spicy berry into her mouth.
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