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I'm playing on an Emulator right now, so I don't have any problems (Except for me having a slower posting time, as I have to pace the game to the RP)

That aside though, if we don't follow the game script, we don't have meta-gaming. I'm fine either way, but I'm leaning towards less game-scripts/meta-gaming.

Ariel's Meta-gaming knowledge... I don't really know how much. Personally, I have most experience in Yellow, Sapphire and Diamond, but Ariel... I guess if there is meta-gaming, she'll only know these three. That, and some hear-say from her classmates. She lived in Japan after all, where Pokemon is made.

The Developer... Well, suffice to say he'll make things harder for meta-gamers. He did make some changes. Also, being Genre-savvy doesn't have to rely on meta-gaming. You just have to know you're in the game to do that.
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