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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Skarmory @ Leftovers
Trait: Sturdy
252 HP / 232 Def / 24 Spe
- Roost
- Spikes
- Whirlwind
- Brave Bird / Taunt

It's barely hurt by the attacks due to the good physical defense and as long as it doesn't roost it can easily kill Toxicroak with Brave Bird and roost away the damage in the next turn once the frog is ded.
I've already done Magnezone soooooo

Zapdos @ Life Orb
Timid [+Speed; -Attack]
4 HP / 252 Special Attack / 252 Speed
- Thunderbolt
- Heat Wave
- Hidden Power [Grass] / Hidden Power [Ice]
- Roost

Zapdos has an immunity to Spikes, access to Roost, and a good, strong STAB in Thunderbolt. That's about it lol