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Originally Posted by Iacobus View Post
First of all, why is this necessary?
I'm pretty sure there already is a thread like this somewhere. It is of course possible they are deleted or that their layout isn't as 'nice' as this one, but none the less.. I think you can find more useful and detailed documentation on the internet with a simple search.

Secondly, if you want to teach someone something, make sure you know what you want to teach.
It's weird you're saying this, as in your 'tutorial' you correctly state that hexadecimal is just a number system, with a radix of 16.
Nothing is stored in hex, it's your editor that represents the data as such, because it's easier for humans to read, interpret and understand than a bunch of 0 and 1's.

Also, don't focus on a specific Windows OS, or any OS for that matter. I'm referring to that calc related paragraph.
Just get rid of it and learn them how to manually convert hexadecimal numbers to decimal, octal and/or binary.

It would be nice too, if people didn't post tutorials containing "Coming soon..." sections.
Surely there are tutorials similar to this one (I can point out one straight out of head, a stickied thread in Zophar's Domain) and this may not turn out the best one of them. However, this "hacking" community is full of newbies playing around with tools who may not even realize to search for hex editing tutorials themselves. These beginners would more likely check out the tutorials section which we've got here (which really isn't the best possible it could be...) and see this tutorial that way. We got rid of the "Scrapbox" in the past, something similar could be done with the tutorials section by still keeping the "not so important" tutorials around to be found.

Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
Yes, offsets in the ROM are all stored in hex within the ROM, along with everything else in the game. When working with offsets and pointers, it can be a little confusing at first, but I will go in to more detail in the next part of the guide.

With scripts, it's mostly handled by the compiler so it's pretty easy.
You're right about Darthatron talking "nonsense" here because "offsets being stored in hex within the ROM" means nothing but he clearly understands this as well. Would you assume a beginner who barely knows anything about programming or what bytes really are understand somebody explaining stuff in "language of programming" such as explaining everything based on binary instead? This would be a similar situation as running down people who think they know something about coding after studying programming languages in high school/university for a year or two.

Personally, I couldn't have explained what Darthatron did here better myself. Of course if you are talking to a more experienced person, you can try to convince him/her to understand what's really going on inside the CPU, why hex editors are much betters tools to use for hacking than binary editors, and such but no, not in a situation like this. And I have a strong feeling I said something here in a wrong way as well...

All of your points here are valid but my personal opinion is that proper explanations wouldn't be helpful for the majority of people around here. I learned the basics wrong myself and little by little, started to develop my knowledge about different kind of subjects related to coding, and haven't had any problems related to not learning everything correctly from the beginning (and the thing is that I don't think I would have gotten this far if there weren't "bad" but newbie-friendly explanations of different hacking related issues out there).
But what Darthatron could do with this thread is to expand it time after another and once enough is written, write in the end of the tutorial explaining how stuff really works out.
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