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    Hello everyone.
    So I have been using my DSi for a while without any problems, and I recently bought pokemon white on eBay, about 3 months ago. I have been playing almost every day with it but recently it has started to show problems and it's really freaking me out.
    The game lags a lot, usually during battles on when walking (it's fine when the start up screen of Pokemon appears), it's like in slow motion, I have to VERY gently press with my finger on the cartridge to return it to normal speed, but it's annoying and just the fact that it doesn't work the way it's supposed to, makes me really nervous and upset, Pokemon White is really growing into me. I have tried playing with my old Pearl and everything works perfectly fine, so it's not that.
    I have thought this: and
    I currently can't afford to buy a new game because shipping to my country is very expensive, and I can't buy any of these replacement shells for the cartridge either, because they are sold in 10 pieces only, which is again expensive.
    So the guys here use rubbing alcohol and sand paper. While I will NOT use sand paper, I wanted to know, does rubbing alcohol damage the game cartridge? I'll try to be very gentle, but, it's a liquid, really, will it fix my problem?
    Also I have other games that I don't play such as Mario Cart, can I remove them from their cardridges and put my Pokemon White there, if it's the cartridge's problem? Has anyone tried this?
    Please I REALLY need help, I'd appreciate any reply!!
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