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Originally Posted by AlfaTyrogue View Post
It's awfully quiet around here. The fact of the matter is, we can't start mapping, spriting or experimenting with the story before we have a SCRIPTER on-board to set the limit to our graphics, level of programming, what pokémon will be available etc.

As soon as someone shows up with the right amount of talent, we'll begin making the game.

For now, Machaku and I are trying to make a Male hero:


Still needs corrections in shading and such, and we're not even sure the size or color-scheme will match up with whatever game we'll be hacking, but the design, I find, is not at all bad. It's a start. What should his default name be?

Still in search for a SCRIPTER, a LEVEL-DESIGNER and a Concept-Artist
The character looks nice! I'll see if I can try to hack him into Pokémon B/W anytime soon.
I think his name should be Sean. I dunno why, but he looks like he would be named Sean.

I do know of a program that can generate scripts for trainers and such, so if I can get that working, I'll be able to script some trainer battles. Yay!
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