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    Well, my reservation time is up, but nobody has claimed Mudkip yet. So, I'll make my SU now then! :3

    Name: Erik Andersen
    Age: (at least 14) 16
    Gender: Male

    History: Erik was born and raised in Denmark, and studied in a prestigious private school in Copenhagen during his younger years. He lived with his mother, his father and his two brothers. Erik was the youngest. His family was fairly rich, though Erik was sickly. Most of his good traits and talents are overshadowed by his sickliness. As a child, Erik often had to visit the doctor, and rarely went outside. As a result, Erik spent most of his time reading, and he has few to no friends as well. It has always been Erik's dream to go outside and see the wonders it has to offer, though his parents weren't so big of his idea and decided he should just do something else inside instead. Erik was disappointed, but he never lost hope.
    He has an aquarium, with many fishes. He'd use that as inspiration or motivation. Though one time, a cat went in his house through an open window, the cat ate around two to four fishes. Erik was sad, yet mad at the same time.
    During his teenage days, he spent most of his time indoors. He'd usually read, paint, and to a lesser extent, play musical instruments (though he was bad at it). Erik was still sickly, so he had to visit the hospital often. And it's starting to interfere with his studies. Erik's parents were worried, so they decided he'll be homeschooled. It kinda goes like this; a teacher from the school he studied would go to Erik's house. That's where he'd do his exams, activities and all, so that he could still be graded. Finally, he was fifteen, and maybe his parents had a change of heart. He asked his parents if he could go outside.

    But they rejected.
    ( Sorry for the short history, it's late here. Tell me if you want to add/remove/be in-depth about something. ) )

    Personality: His most notable trait is his sickliness, though he is also creative and smart, thanks to books. He may act spoiled sometimes, and would probably throw a light tantrum if things go the way he didn't expect it. Rather easily annoyed as well, and is considered an emotionless person, though he is actually very emotional. He is just good at hiding those emotions. Optimistic, and rather lonely, since he was isolated from people. Often would probably use big words, well, because he read this dictionary he has a lot of times.

    Though he may be smart, he is bad at making decisions. He'd often pick the choice that will benefit him more, not thinking of the consequences. As a result, he'd often regret it at the end. Speaking of regrets, he regretted a lot of things he did in his life, thanks to this "bad at making decision" attitude. He always dreams about the things he regretted often, but he considers them nightmares.

    He also has a green thumb, and would plant indoor plants. He fears that the environment would be destroyed before he even experienced it, so the least he can do is plant inside. He also has an aquarium, which he uses as inspiration.

    Despite that, he has a rather large appetite when it comes to meat. He feels guilty about it sometimes.

    The Outdoors
    Meat (it's like a guilty pleasure)

    Staying indoors
    Being sick

    Starter Pokémon: Mudkip

    RP sample:
    "Happy birthday, Erik!" His parents and his two brothers greeted him rather loudly in Erik's room. He smiled a bit. He went downstairs, to find a large buffet, with lots of meat. Erik was overjoyed.

    "This is splendid!" He loudly said, happy yet guilty with the meat at the same time. The others chuckled.

    "Well, enjoy the food!" His mother said.

    "I will!" Erik said, grinning, then proceeding to the dining table. He got the food he liked and ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    - - -

    It was late at night. He was in his room, in his brand new e-mail account. He didn't use the computer often, because he'd probably get more sick, his parents said. But it was late at night, and his parents were asleep. So, he decided to sneakily use the computer.

    ". . .What's this?" He said, when a new e-mail came in his inbox, and it wasn't from Yahoo.

    He slowly read the message, and was very surprised. How could someone as sickly as him be a tester for a new game? He accepted, anyway. The game might have an adventure to it, so why not? He thought.

    ( Sorry if this SU was bad overall, you see it was kind of rushed...)

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