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Originally Posted by LaVida View Post
I personally believe (and you are free to disagree) that smoking marijuana is better than drinking alcohol. I just can't see how people would rant about a legalization of marijuana when they think alcohol is alright. If you are badly addicted to alcohol, the consequences will be a lot worse than if you were addicted to marijuana.

If smoking marijuana is prohibided, then drinking alcohol should especially be forbidden.
I'm fine with marijuana being legal, but I don't like the comparisons to alcohol.

I drink some. I've never being drunk. Never plan to be. I don't drink to get impaired. I like something that goes well with my dinner. Taste.

I don't think that applies to marijuana. Different beasts with different purposes. Addiction aside, you smoke pot for a desired effect - an impairment, with alcohol you can drink to achieve that but you don't need to. If you go to a nice restaurant and have a glass of wine you're not really in the same boat as having just smoked something.
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