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Hi,I have SoulSilver and I am wondering how to beat Red?I am thinking od daycare but there are still a few moves I want to keep and take out.Here is my team.

Feraligatr/Jaws Torrent Lv.56 Water
Item:Mystic Water
Crunch,Ice Fang,Surf,Waterfall
Best Stat:Defense

Fearow/WunAtchPee Keen Eye Lv.55 Fly/Normal
Item:Choice Scarf
Drill Peck,Fly,Mirror Move,Assurance
Best Stat:Attack

Machamp/Muscle Guts Lv.55 Fight
Item:Muscle Band
Rock Climb,Strength,Earthquake,Karate Chop
Best Stat:Attack

Jolteon/The Flash Volt Absorb Lv.54 Electric
Item:Lax Incense
Thunder Fang,Pin Missile,Flash,Charge Beam
Best Statpeed

Gengar/Poison Fart Levitate Lv.55 Ghost/Poison
Hypnosis,Shadow Ball,Psychic,Mean Look
Best Statp.Attack

Scizor/GrimReapa Techinician Lv.55 Bug/Steel
Item:Metal Coat
Iron Head,Iron Defense,X-Scissor,False Swipe
Best Stat:Attack

So that is my team...i am still looking for moves that will replace current ones.How do I level up easily?I know most of my team is physical.Machamp NEEDS two HMs to go up Mt.Silver so im stuck with that till i beat Red.I am looking for an item for my Gengar.Please Help.