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    Okay.. so, I hope that this time, I actually found the right forum thread to post this in, without having it moved. Lol. Such a large database on these forums.. Anyway! I've been considering making a Pokemon RP. I'm still working out the mechanics on this, but I'd love for other people to help me out with it. Basically, I'm looking for two other people who would be interested in helping me get the basic outlines for the RP done, and them it will be submitted. The details are as follows:

    Name: Pokemon: The Eternal Journey (Name is subject to change)

    Concept: An RP that takes place in the Sinnoh Region, and will span roughly three months of real life time before completion, or possible hiatus for another installment, depending on how the first one goes.

    General Information: Not everyone has to be a Trainer. In fact, it's encouraged that you take up something like a Music Star, Reporter, Breeder, High Schooler, Waiter/Waitress, or whatever else! Trainers do exist, however.. and the two that I end up accepting to help me iron out the details of this plot, will have the option of starting off as a recently defeated Elite Trainer, set on a quest to rebuild their reputation!

    The general theme is a Mature Setting. It's going to have its fair share of language, and physical fighting; not just Pokemon vs. Pokemon, but Person vs. Person, too. The RP setting would basically take place four years after the actual canoninical data of the Pearl, Diamond, Platinum games. The Canon Trainer from those games was recently found dead, and clues indicate that it was possibly murder, because word got out that he owned every single Legendary Pokemon in existence.

    Power struggles, evil organizations, and shady dealings are all to be expected. As I stated, the mechanics will need to be worked out before submitting for character acceptance, and then starting up.. Anyone can join, and rules will be ironed out to add a semblance of balance and equality.

    So, yeah.. if you're interested.. please don't hesitate to contact me via VM, or respond to this thread for discussion. It would be easier for me to get back to people over VM, though.. Anyway.. I hope I can get this up and running, and that people are interested in assisting me with it!

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