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Cyrus, Cyrus,Cyrus. By far, one of the most evil team commanders in the Pokemon series, with his thirst for knowledge, power and destruction. That was all he wanted as soon as your first met him and the last time you saw him. I don't believe at all, he was born with this personality. In my opinion I believe once, he was at least happy and never thought about harming anyone or anything for that matter.

But, something must have changed his attitude towards the world. Maybe he was bullied when he was younger, for being a little different in some way? Or there could of been a tragic event such as the death of a parent. Maybe he was an orphan who was treated badly? Whatever this mysterious event was, it changed Cyrus into what he was today. An awful person. This event must of caused so much fury in him, that he vowed to seek revenge and unleash his wrath on the Pokemon world.

This is what I believe at least :/. In theories...however I'm not sure of any of them. But I think he started Team Galactic, to seek revenge on a person who made his life miserable, or even he might of wanted to kill himself in his anger and sadness? Along with the whole Pokemon universe? Maybe he didn't want to die alone?

But Cyrus is such a mysterious man, there isn't much mention of his past in any part of the Pokemon series. Only one or two hints and they don't actually give that much help :p.
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