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    Well Coro Coro will have more info on the movie, and we should be getting a new trailer around that time too. The fact Genesect is going to be featured in the anime really makes me think the movie won't be about Genesect at all, kind of like the Lugia/Ho-Oh preview's they did for one movie and then they weren't even in it.

    I doubt they would have a legendary be featured in the anime and then have it be the main star of the movie too, it won't be a very good incentive for people to go out and see the movie. Don't get me wrong, Genesect may still be in it - but there will definitely be another Pokemon that's going to be the big star of the movie. We all suspected that already, but that pretty much is close to confirmation IMO.

    The Masuda recording Smash thing is interesting, it seems that will be the first episode to air in January is I'm correct. Usually it's just under a month between recording and airing of Smash. Gen V was revealed in Jan 2010, wouldn't be surprised if that Gen VI really is coming next year that it'd be revealed in Jan 2013. I don't think him being on Smash has anything to do with remakes to be honest, I doubt they would reveal them as early as January.