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Originally Posted by Iacobus View Post
First of all, why is this necessary?
I'm pretty sure there already is a thread like this somewhere. It is of course possible they are deleted or that their layout isn't as 'nice' as this one, but none the less.. I think you can find more useful and detailed documentation on the internet with a simple search.
Because some people don't even know what to look for.
Originally Posted by Iacobus View Post
Secondly, if you want to teach someone something, make sure you know what you want to teach.
It's weird you're saying this, as in your 'tutorial' you correctly state that hexadecimal is just a number system, with a radix of 16.
Nothing is stored in hex, it's your editor that represents the data as such, because it's easier for humans to read, interpret and understand than a bunch of 0 and 1's.
I merely said it was "stored in hex" because the offsets and pointers referred to in every tutorial and piece of documentation, and the offsets and pointers handled by the games hacked by the users of this website are byte-based. It's a beginners guide, so why would I complicate things by explaining something they don't need to know?

I also resent you saying I don't understand what I am explaining.
Originally Posted by Iacobus View Post
Also, don't focus on a specific Windows OS, or any OS for that matter. I'm referring to that calc related paragraph.
Just get rid of it and learn them how to manually convert hexadecimal numbers to decimal, octal and/or binary.
The rest of the guide will also be windows based, since I don't have a Mac or run Linux.

Also, it's a guide called "A Beginners Guide To Hexadecimal".

And once again, the guide is targeted at beginners, so why would I complicate things with (somewhat) complex mathematics when a majority of the users on this forum are young? I plan on adding the less-easy way of converting some time soon, anyway.
Originally Posted by Iacobus View Post
It would be nice too, if people didn't post tutorials containing "Coming soon..." sections.
Thanks for the feedback.
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