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Lucy - Mt. Coronet Village Ruins
Lucy considered the concept of having a wardrobe full of pretty dresses. She was kind of 'meh' about the idea because--Well... she kind of needed to be able to show off her abdomen without blinding everyone in the immediate area. LUCY USED FLASH In all honesty though, as she took a moment to really... consider what she was complaining about--Was she really complaining about potentially flashing a person she was going to swallow /whole/ at that point? Was that proper priorities in this situation? Chances are they were either dead as hell or had a lot more to be ashamed of after that than she did. She supposed she could just deal with it--or better yet, make sure these pants /last/! When Amethyst began to dig for something, Lucy was left confused. Skitty? Was that some sort of tool used to skit things? Amethyst proceeded to pull out a doll and Lucy just sort of flinched. Oh god what the heck is that?! Lucy raised her eyebrows in a subtly nervous manner.

See, Amethyst couldn't understand this, but Lucy was from a world where four legged creatures did not exist, let alone Skitty. Heck, humans were all she had known. This thing looked as alien as alien could be to her. It might as well have been an xenomorph about to hug her face! Lucy, you're scarier than an xenomorph. The only thing preventing her from freaking right out was the fact that she was not in fact oblivious enough to not notice this was not in fact a living creature. A moment of tension followed. Was big strong Lucy really afraid of a little doll? No! /No/! Heck no! Why would you--Okay maybe slightly. Being who she was, though, she promptly squelched her emotions in favor of.. not obsessing over this. It will kill you in your sleep, Lucy. It's only waiting, waiting for a time to /strike/.

If Lucy had thought that was weird though, what Amethyst proceeded to do left her completely baffled. The smaller girl had made her way, with Lucy in tow, towards two rocks sticking out of the ground. She was... what was she doing with those rocks? Lucy did... /not/ understand. She just sort of stared at Amethyst for several long moment as Amethyst examined the rocks, trying to infer what was going on from Amethyst's actions. This proved futile however and she soon found herself giving up. It didn't even remotely cross her mind that these were graves.

There was something carved into the stone, perhaps-maybe words? Was amethyst reading them? Was that what was going on? Lucy moved over and crouched down next to Amethyst, looking at her in an ever so slightly helpless manner. "Hey... What're you doing?" she asked, having decided that taking the direct approach was probably much less likely to give her a gigantic headache at this point. Her tone was innocent, though it might not help comfort Amethyst as she obtained the knowledge that her mother figure didn't quite understand the significance of her parent's graves.

She couldn't read.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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