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    Update once again

    I battled the trainers on the way to vermilion city (sadly not much challenge there)
    Noel grew to level 25 along the way
    I visited the pokemon fan club (like every fan should) and got the bike voucher
    put Bill's S.S. pass to use and mingled with (and beat) all the trainers on the boat
    Ran into my rival the Grinch and handily fed him to his pokemon
    Visited the seasick captain and "rubbed his back" in return he gave me HM01 Cut!!
    caught myself an Oddish and named him Cut Slave
    to conclude my business in vermilion city I visited the Gym and brought joy and defeat to all the good boys and girls including Lt. Surge
    I went to explore Rock Tunnel completely blind just like the first time I played the game
    I made it through though with only 2 pokemon was irritating.
    Upon arriving in lavender town I thought I might alight upon the Pokemon Center and rested my road weary pokemon.
    No time to tackle much though had to be on my way in pursuit of an eevee
    I stopped by the celedon mansion and the very nice people there didn't even notice me absconding with the Eevee hidden within.
    now just a koffing and a rhyhorn to go for my team along with a thunderstone for my Eevee companion ( I named him Vertex)