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I'm in! I wanted to join this club the second I approved it but real life circumstances were keeping me away from PC. But now I'm back and ready to rumble! Lets farm!

Username: Shining Raichu
Favourite game: Back to Nature
Reason for joining: Isn't it obvious?

A New Beginning - I have honestly never heard of that one. Which console was it for? Is it one of the more recent games?

My favourite is most definitely Back to Nature, it's one of the last HM games to be played in the vintage style before they started adding in all that stuff like having to choose a farm to buy and only being able to plant crops in certain specified areas of your farm. The only game I liked post-switch was A Wonderful Life... beyond that I'm definitely a more vintage Harvest Moon fan.

I'm so old my first HM game was the SNES version!

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