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    Amy's Neighborhood Ruins


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    Chapter One:
    Neighborhood Ruins

    Part Three

    Amy's expression read pain, emotional pain. Could she really tell Lucy...? Whenever she even mentioned her last name, or her parents, she was blamed for the entire world's problems. But... Lucy? Would she do that too? Amy sighed, a deep, pain-singed exhale. There's was really no point in lying to her. She pointed her finger to the gravestone on the right, and read it. "Ava Yu--" She paused, tears forming in her eyes, and reached for a chunk of missing stone, placing it where it once rested. "Ava... Yula... My mother is buried here..." If Lucy didn't realize by now, she was certainly about to. Amy directed her finger to the left tombstone. "Sigmond... Yula... M-my... My..." Amy choked slightly, but continued until she could say it. "M-my father..." He hand lowered toward the ground. She didn't want to read the graffiti on her father's tomb. The silence-breaking sound that followed resulted from the broken piece of her mother's grave falling off. Amy cringed at the piece's landing, as if physically hurt by it.

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