Thread: D/P/Pt: The History behind Cyrus
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    You know, I had a theory on why Cyrus wanted all of this. He may be secretly the good guy after all, and you, the player, are the bad guy. He saw the evil nature of humans in general at a young age via parental abuse and such (hence why he abandons emotions), so he wanted to re-create the universe under his ruling, so there will be world peace (no fighting, no destruction, and no free will). Remember why Lex Luthor wanted to get rid of Superman, for knew the man of steel will be soon become the world's greatest threat. It's been a common thing for artificial intelligence (i.e. robots) and extraterristrial life (aliens) pity humans in movies, comics, and video game, because we are born violent. We kill anything that moves out of fear or for entertainment purposes (the coliseum), we waste our limited resources (water, oil, coal, etc), and we destroyed our environment with pollution and greenhouse gases. Thomas Hobbes has already explained how humans are a dangerous animal and someone is in need to to control them in order to save them from themselves, and Mr. Smith from The Matrix explains how humans are a virus to the world. That, I believe, is why Cyrus has done all of this.
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