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    Originally Posted by RenegadeShroom View Post
    I dunno, getting Hoenn remakes next would mean either they're being remade for DS or be the first main series Pokemon game to debut on 3DS. Either option doesn't make sense; remaking them for DS is staying with a now outdated system even longer than necessary, and debuting the main series on 3DS would just steal the spotlight from Gen. VI when it does come. And for all intents and purposes, it really does look like they've wrapped up Gen. V already, with it having four games in the same region within three years, and all Gen. V Pokemon officially revealed in that time frame as well.
    They did the same with the Advanced Generation after the Deoxys movie. Deoxys was the last Hoenn Legendary to be revealed and that was in 2004, yet the Advanced generation in the Anime continued for another 2 more years.