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Liking a character doesn't necessarily mean they like the archetype, especially considering that "done right" can be a very vague term.

I've found that my female feti....personality traits that I like tend to be towards the following (First two aren't archetypes, but i figure i put them in anyways since they act as a catch for most of the exceptions in archetype love):
Characters I admire
Characters that remind me of myself
Tsundere (emphasizing done right)
Yamato Nadesico
"My Pace"
Rei clones that have some emotion to them

Male-wise, it'd probably be something like....
Laid back heroes
Bros (Usually side characters that take the emotional support role)
Norio Wakamoto
Takehito Koyasu
Characters with the guts to actually choose/get the girl (Bonus if best girl wins as opposed to main girl wins)

And it goes without saying, but characters with a good amount of depth are always pretty high on my list.