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    Lucas McGuire - Forest

    A fireball had made contact with Aipom's face. Causing him to bounce back and shake his head. Beginning to throw a little tantrum, Heracross holds Aipom back. Lucas proceeds to pet the Munna while looking at the Litwick. He turns to look at the Lillipup on Heracross's horn wagging its tail.

    'I'm guessing we're helping these three out then huh Heracross?' Lucas said with a smile. Heracross nodded trying not to drop the Lillipup. Aipom sprung up and hung from a tree with it's tail, still wiping off some ash from the Embers. 'Well, let's go find your trainer guys!' Lucas said as Heracross opened it's wings and began flying.

    '[COLOR="rgb(65, 105, 225)"]Lillipup..[/COLOR]' asked Heracross, 'Sorry, I didn't ask if you have a nickname? But can you smell out your trainer using your nose?'.
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